Makeup 2020: 7 Stunning Trends to Try

Makeup 2020: 7 Stunning Trends to Try


While we may have been wearing less makeup in 2020 (not by choice!), on the bright side, makeup artists and influencers have used their extra free time to bring us some truly stunning looks. YouTube, Instagram and TikTok have exploded with mind-blowing makeup content. What does this mean? A lot of inspiration for us!


From graphic liner to sultry eyes to bold colour, this season is all about experimentation and embracing new and exciting techniques.


Read on to see our favourite makeup trends of the season and our top tips for achieving these looks at home!


1. Floating Graphic Eyeliner

While we’ve all had our ups and downs with liquid eyeliner (I don’t want to talk about it), it looks like we will be giving it another go now that Ariana Grande has dropped this stunning look.



Graphic floating eyeliner is all about bold colours and trying out new positioning, so forget all the liquid liner rules you thought you knew! The options are endless, check out this striking example in yellow:



2. Soap Brows

Gone are the days of perfect and ‘on fleek’ brows. This season is all about letting your natural, fluffy brows shine through with the help of an unlikely ally (soap!). To achieve this look, simply wet a bar of soap and run your spooly over it, careful not to pick up too much product. Next, brush your eyebrows up and out until your desired shape is achieved. Now all you have to do is fill in the gaps with brow powder and voila! You have stunning brows that will last all day!



3. Fox Eyes

Alexa Demie recently blessed us with a sultry 90s throwback guaranteed to make a statement on any night out. It seems wherever you look on the internet, everyone is giving it a go!


4. Flower Makeup Trend

This may be one of the more unusual makeup trends at the moment (who would’ve thought we’d be sticking flowers to our face in 2020?). As you probably guessed, this trend is all about matching your makeup to your favourite flower for a cute and floral finish. Check out this cute example!



Here’s another example we’re obsessed with:



5. Heart Blush

At this point we all know that rosy, blushing cheeks are all the rage. We’ve mastered blending over our nose for that cute sun kissed look. But have you seen the new heart blush trend?



While a bit unusual, we think it’s lovely!



6. Supermodel Makeup

Like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, this look is all about chiselled cheekbones and sharp jawlines.



If you weren’t naturally blessed (most of us sadly aren’t), a new hack on TikTok may be just the thing you need. Simply use your favourite fake tan to define your cheekbones, forehead and nose, then go to sleep, wash it off and bam, the runway here you come!


7. Inner Corner Colour

Let’s finish our fave looks with a pop of colour! This trend is fun and flirty without taking too much effort. It’s perfect for those days when you want an extra something but don’t have too much time.



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