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Get Seriously Sexy Heels and Bring out the COVETGIRL in You

If your feet are crying out for a little shoe-love, trust the chicas at Covet Shoes to straight hook you UP with a huge selection of cute-af heels. We are all about #options…that’s why we literally give you options for EVERYTHING from totally-just-walking-to-the-printer-don’t-mind-me heels to you’re-damn-right-I-don’t-want-no-scrub heels Let’s get it!!!

Benefits of Wearing Vegan Heels

So, you already know you want black heels, and you already know you def don’t want cute animals to get hurt in the process. We totally get it and #goldstar to you for being so decisive, girl. There are literally SO MANY advantages to having a perf pair of black vegan heels in your closet.

  • Accentuates your legs: Look, realtalk—you’re already a babe. We know that. But we totally get that if you are wearing a cute new dress to an event, you’re thinking about your heels, how long ago your last gel pedi was, AND how your legs are gonna look. Wearing that oh-so-right pair of heels gives you a chance to not only make yourself just that lil’ bit taller but also snag that too-long-for-landscape-pics, Tswift-style, legs-for-days look, which is always a plus! Heels also accentuate your leg muscles, and you haven’t been working damn hard on that Peloton for nothing. Even if you skipped a few Buti days this summer, wearing heels is actually a SUPER-easy way to give your legs a workout. Before long, you will see a legit, noticeable change in definition in your calves that may be worth blogging about. Upgraded your shoes, upgraded your leg definition!? Yep—#thatjusthappened.
  • Slimmer appearance: Sometimes you just wanna nail that “Cameras? I didn’t know there’d be cameras here,” perfectly-poised red carpet look. We can TOTALLY relate. Cool thing is, when you slide into your heels, your back arches differently than it does when you are wearing flats or tennies. This compensation forces you to stand up taller to account for the new balance of the heel. Your chest presses forward and naturally creates the illusion of a reduced waist. ~*Low-key magic*~--without a filter.
  • Perfect for any outfit: It’s no secret that black goes with ANYTHING, and it’s damn true for shoes. Sometimes black heels legit pull together your ENTIRE look. One of our current trending choices is the Erica Black Wrap Block Heel. This shoe features a 10cm block heel. Oh, and it’s not just sexy on the outside: it’s made of faux suede, so it’s totally vegan-friendly.

What Sets Covet Shoes Apart Regarding Nude Heels?

We absolutely get that sometimes there’s literally ONE THING missing in your life: the right pair of nude vegan heels. You shouldn’t have to drive around town listening to unsolved mystery podcasts (no shame, girl, no shame) just to find a pair. Like, just no. That’s why we exist—your personal shoe unicorn.

  • Same-day delivery options: Do you need shoes for a last-minute event? Ish happens, but we have you covered. Our team offers same-day delivery service seven days per week to ANY Covetgirl chillin within 100km of Freshwater, NSW. To ensure that you receive your order by 5 PM (AEDT), just place your order no later than 11 AM (AEDT). Our typical turnaround time for a same-day delivery is approximately four hours. Yep—that’s it. GET IT, GIRL!
  • New arrivals: We basically constantly update our online boutique with a super-fresh, super-unique selection of adorbs heels to suit literally ANY #mood. We carry a variety of sizes that typically range from size 35 to 41. Each new arrival comes with specs, so you know the EXACT height of the heel and the platform height. Put that measuring tape away, queen, please—that’s on us. Since soooo many of our exclusive styles come in a selection of colours, we recommend that you double-triple-check your cart to make sure you snapped up that right colour before you smash that buy button.
  • Afterpay: We never, ever, EVER want ANY babe to feel that she has to choose between her budget and literally the cutest pair of heels that she has ever seen. Call in the pay-over-time gods! Afterpay lets you complete your shoe order NOW and pay off the balance through weekly, interest-free payments. Yep, you read that right: interest-free. Opting to use Afterpay is SUPER simple: just select it during checkout and follow the instructions (like, duh). We promise that you can figure it out even after you’ve taken your contacts out, but if you DO have any issues with the process, slide into our DMs—we’d love to help <3.

About Covet Shoes

At Covet Shoes, we literally have ONE goal: putting a smile on ya pretty face. We will ABSOLUTELY keep you up to date when that next pair of jaw-dropping, Insta-snapping shoes shows up—we know they’ll be calling your name. When you’re ready for some help exploring YOUR perf options for nude wrap heels and more, hit us up via our contact page. Girl, slay!