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Our shoes are designed to be the timeless piece that completes any modern girl's wardrobe. The essence of the range is simple silhouettes with beautiful materials in a neutral colour palette.



Covet Shoes was created by Jennifer Marks after studying the trends and shoe buying patterns of women across the globe for over a decade.  As a response, she launched a footwear label which rebels against the norm.  There are no seasons and each style only has a one time limited run.

Hailing from Canada and holding roles in the footwear industry there and in Australia, Jennifer notably launched the Wanted Shoes x Sabo Skirt collaboration, which reached cult status across the country.  This knowledge of what makes a shoe special confirms COVET'S position as a must-have on the feet of the fashion set.



Designed with the feminine, effortless and confident woman in mind, COVET SHOES empower their wearers to create their own personal style. Looking inward to find their muse, a COVETGIRL embraces her uniqueness, advocates kindness, is unapologetically determined and inspires others to lead a life they love. A brand for women, by women, COVET SHOES believes that women can support and lift each other up to celebrate their individual beauty, independence and power. To be the one that inspires others to want to lead the life you live – that's a COVETGIRL.



We pride ourselves in having a brand identity who our customers remember, love & trust.  Customer service is something so important to us so hit us up anytime with a query about product, services or even an idea you might have.  We love hearing from you!