11 Fashionable Ways to Pamper your Pet

11 Fashionable Ways to Pamper your Pet

11 Fashionable Ways to Pamper your Pet



Because honestly, they deserve the world!


Ask any COVETGIRL and they’ll tell you their pet is their baby.  They go with us everywhere, they get priority seating on our laps and they take up all the space on our camera roll.  But why wouldn’t they?  They give us so much love and attention, are always happy to see us, never judge our outfits, and let’s be honest, have kept us sane over the last few crazy months. 


We believe in giving back to the ones we love so let’s take a moment to celebrate all the fashionable and fabulous ways we show our furry friends how much we love them. A luxury spa day with your cavoodle? Yes please!


We’ve even got some pawsome (sorry!) examples from celebrities, who really take pet pampering to the next level. We’ll give you a hint: modelling and fashion ain’t just for humans!


Warning: some of these pictures may be too cute to handle!


1. Meeting the girls for a coffee catch up? You can always treat your dog to a puppuccino!

Puppy and Starbucks

2. We just realised a lifelong dream: to wear matching Louis Vuitton with our dog!

Louis Vuitton and puppy

3. How about a birthday party for your furry friend? The decorations are just too cute - and a great excuse to get dressed up.

Pet Party

4. And you can even bake some dog friendly cupcakes. Hot tip: every dog goes crazy for peanut butter!

Puppy Cupcakes

5. If your cat's a queen, she deserves a castle. Enough said.

Cat Castle

6. Who's the perfect spa companion? Our babies of course!

Pet Spa

7. Our pets deserve to be as cosy as us during winter so pet pyjamas are a must! The extra Instagram content doesn’t hurt either!

Cosy Puppy

8. How about treating your dog to a private jet? (In our dreams!)

Dog on Private Jet

9. Did you know Karl Lagerfeld left his cat, Choupette, $200m in his will? It speaks volumes about how special their relationship was 💕. With two maids and a designer bag, she certainly is the most fashionable cat we’ve ever seen!

Karl Lagerfeld cat

10. Speaking of fashionable pets, Kendall Jenner’s doberman seems to be forging a supermodel career of his own – with lots of tips from Kendall we're sure!


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raising a model

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11. Taylor Swift’s cats are almost as famous as she is, and much like the singer, they are stars themselves after a cameo in her ME! music video!



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