Covet Shoes, a fun and flirty, feminine shoe label based in Sydney. Our shoes are designed right here in our Australian studio and available exclusively online.

Covet Shoes isn't just a label, it's a lifestyle. We capture Australian summer vibes - think beach bar to city streets - and we're best known for our not-so-subtle obsession for neutrals. So, no matter the occasion or outfit, you'll always find the perfect pair.



We get it! Finding the right size can be difficult, so we have created size charts for each style to help guide you in your purchase. (Find these at the bottom of the description) Still have questions? Our customer service team are always on hand with friendly expert advice or to help you put aside any niggling doubts. Think of us as your virtual retail assistant, ask us the questions you would in-store and we'll help to ensure you get the perfect fit, every time!



We get it! It can be tough to buy online with confidence – how do you know if the shoes will give you blisters? Or rub your perfect tootsies?

That's why each and every Covet shoe is designed with love, care and attention. We have personally tried and tested every style – if it doesn't hit the mark, it doesn't make the cut! We proudly consider all aspects of the shoe's wearability throughout the entire design and manufacturing process.

Our heels are designed with a gradual slope to keep you comfortable all day long! We use soft leather-like materials and padded soles to protect your feet – no more pain from dancing all night! We also offer a range of heel heights and styles, so it's easy to pick one that's perfect for you and your occasion!

Top tip: While we promise that we put every effort in to make our shoes as comfortable as possible, every foot is different. So, have a quick "wear in" session before you leave the house and you'll be ready to hit the town! See you in the morning!