From Confinement to Covet

From Confinement to Covet


Why not put your best foot forward?


Let’s face it, 2020 has not been the year we anticipated. We’ve had bushfires, the threat of WWIII and what was the other thing? Oh yeah, a global pandemic…


Our dreams of travel turned into hours of Netflix, we’ve eaten loads of takeaway and truthfully, all of our stylish outfits have been shoved to the back of the closet in favour of comfortable loungewear.   


Thankfully, restrictions are starting to ease a little across the globe. And, if you’re anything like us, you've either been dying for a night on the town or waiting to head to your bestie's for cocktails.


Whoever you are, we have you covered! 


Post-Iso Socialite:

You’ve spent isolation playing dress up and have heaps of cute outfits that you can’t wait to show off (whoops - another online shopping package!). You may also have put on a full face of makeup to take the bins out (you’ve got to get noticed somehow, right?). Now, you can’t wait to put on a pair of sexy high heels and (safely) venture out. So, throw on a pair of our INDY Black Stilettos and get ready to own the night! This feminine and sexy shoe is the perfect statement to show off your style and don’t worry, they are comfortable enough to last till dawn!



Comfort Queen:

You've spent iso perfecting your self-care routine and have finally baked the perfect sourdough (congrats!). You’ve enjoyed the quiet nights at home and, let’s be honest, no one misses waking up with a roaring headache every Sunday morning. As the restrictions ease, you are happy to have a quiet catchup with friends and family but you’re also not ready to sacrifice your comfort. So, if you've gotten used to contentment, we have some good news for you. Put away those old Ugg’s because with the LULU Natural Flat you can relax in style! And the best part is no one will know that your pedicure has been suffering from the nail salon closures (shh we won’t tell!).



Okay so maybe we lied before, you could be in a third category. Let’s call you the ‘Best of Both Worlds’. You’re excited to dress up and go out but you also want to keep it low-key. If this is you, the KARI Block Heel is perfect. This heel is slim and sexy while still allowing you to rock a casual chic look.



While we don’t know what 2020 has in store for the rest of the year, let’s find some joy where we can (with chic shoes of course). Why not treat yourself to a bit of retail therapy and leave confinement in Covet style!