Kindness is Cool: 5 things you can do to be kind to yourself and others

Kindness is Cool:  5 things you can do to be kind to yourself and others


Kindness is all about being friendly, generous and considerate, something we are all striving for. 


While most of us try to add a dose of kindness everyday (you're doing amazing, sweetie!), sometimes it is nice to remind ourselves of the power of kindness.


That’s why we have collected our favourite tips and ‘tales to spread kindness throughout our lives 



As Steph Claire Smith writes "You don’t have to love everything about yourself to give yourself some love. See the good in you like you do in others. Appreciate yourself like you do others. Respect that mind and body of yours... you only get one."



FOR THE MIND - POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS - Studies show that positive thinking leads to health and happiness.  An affirmation is a simple statement  said out loud (often repeated) with confidence and conviction to reprogram your brain.  Give these a try - YOU. ARE. WORTH. IT!

FOR THE MIND - READ A BOOK - A cozy corner, a quite beach, or your favourite patch of grass just a few of the best spots to nestle into with your book of choice.

Fashion Books


FOR THE MIND & BODY - TAKE A BATH - Make it special.  Light some candles, grab a nice glass of wine, add those bubbles!  Sit back, and relax like the goddess you are.








Exercise not only makes you look great, but the release of endorphins can boost your well-being. Despite the many benefits, starting exercise as we all know, isn’t always easy.


Our favourite tip is to remember that there are thousands of different types of exercise out there, you just have to find the ones you love!


Have you tried one of Cassey Ho's workout challenges?  Abs in 7 day? Yes please!



Fitazfk also has tons of fun challenges and tips to stay motivated! Check it out here:



Need some more encouragement? We’ll share our secret weapon. Queer Eye Star Jonathan Van Ness just dropped a short and sharp yoga series on the free app Fit On. It’s full of self-love, compassion and who doesn’t want to finish a workout with ‘Namaste Queens?’ 🙏





While comfort food may be, well, comforting (snacks with the girls on movie night, yes!), did you know eating wholesome and nutritious food can boost your mood? This includes a variety of foods like bananas, oats, berries and dark (vegan) chocolate (score!). 


As it is global meat free week, it’s also the perfect time to indulge in some wholesome vegan meals.


Check out some of our favourite recipes and have a go at making this easy Tropical Smoothie bowl!




Roasted Veggie Pitas with Avocado Dip - we swap the greek yogurt for coconut yogurt and it's one of our favourite vegan meals!

Spicy Potato Kale Bowl with Mustard Tahini Dressing


This may seem obvious but reaching out to a friend can make their day. And by reaching out, we don’t mean sending a quick Snap Chat or SMS, we mean taking the time to really check in and  see how they are.


Recently, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga blessed our ears with their single ‘Rain on Me’. But did you know Ariana helped Lady Gaga open up about her mental health?





This is a great movie, but also a practice you can add into your routine for a daily dose of kindness. ‘Pay It Forward’ involves doing something for someone else, with the hope that they will pass on the kindness to another.


Maybe you could bake a cute batch of donut cookies for your family:


Leave a cute message for a co-worker:


Or walk your neighbour’s dog!