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The Shoe That Is All Over Pinterest

Posted on January 15 2021

The Shoe That Is All Over Pinterest


The best place (other than Covet of course) to get your fashion inspo.


If you’re anything like us, you’ll consult Pinterest for hair and make-up inspiration before a big event, to check which outfits will work with your brand-new pair of shoes, or just to brush up on the hottest street style.


When a shoe trend graces the screens of Pinterest, you know it’ll be a big one. And there’s one shoe that continues to dominate: the midi heel!


The fashion girls of Pinterest have been rocking the midi heel trend for a while, meaning there is plenty of inspiration out there. But don’t worry, this trend isn’t going anywhere soon! Because midi heels are high enough to elevate your look, but low enough to be comfortable for all-day wear, these shoes are a timeless staple.


Read on for 7 sexy versions of the midi heel – a must-have for every woman!


The Thong Midi Heel:

A staple in every fashion girl’s wardrobe this season, there’s no shortage of Pinterest inspiration for the thong midi heel!


Keep your look classic with a black pair of midi heels, perfect for dressing up or down.

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Or try white for a fresh look – guaranteed to enhance your natural tan!

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Or keep it chic and hit the streets with a stylish nude.

Naomi Nude Thong Heels Covet Shoes

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The Lace Up Midi Heel:

Every woman needs a trusty pair of strappy midi heels. These heels make a statement every season, so trust that they are a purchase you will treasure forever!


The strap detail on these midi heels shows off your beautiful legs and creates a gorgeous silhouette. 


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And the straps also keep your heels secure wherever the day may take you!


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The Mule Midi Heel:  

Because slide heels are so easy to slip on and match beautifully with any outfit, this shoe is about to become your go-to (if it isn’t already!).


Try pairing yours with a midi dress like these gorgeous Pinterest girls:


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Try matching your mule midi heels to the colour of your outfit for a modern monochrome vibe or contrasting them with another neutral colour for a chic alternative:

Or add a pop of colour for a fresh feminine feel like COVETGIRL Elyse Knowles

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